The Sea of Cortez is home to a diverse array of marine life, including the iconic cormorants. Cormorants are seabirds that are known for their excellent diving abilities and are found all around the world. However, the cormorants of the Sea of Cortez are a unique subspecies that have adapted to their environment in fascinating ways.

The double-crested cormorant is the subspecies of cormorant that is found in the Sea of Cortez. These birds are dark brown or black in color, have a distinctive long neck. They are also known for their bright blue eyes and striking white plumes on their head during the breeding season.

One of the most remarkable adaptations of the cormorants in the Sea of Cortez is their ability to dive deep and stay underwater for extended periods. They have developed specialized muscles that allow them to close their nostrils and contract their throat to prevent water from entering their lungs. They also have webbed feet and powerful wings that help them swim and propel themselves underwater.

Cormorants are also known for their unique feeding behaviors. They feed primarily on fish, but they are known to work in groups to corral schools of fish towards the surface, where they can catch them more easily. They also have an unusual way of digesting their food. In addition, they have a muscular crop in their esophagus that they can fill with fish, and they can regurgitate this food later to share with their offspring or other members of their colony.

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