Jacque Cousteau and Isla Espiritu Santo

Jacques Cousteau was involved with Isla Espiritu Santo, a Mexican island located in the Sea of Cortez, (Gulf of California), in the mid-20th century. In 1967, Cousteau and his team of researchers and filmmakers visited the island to document its natural beauty and the unique marine life in the surrounding waters.

During his time on Isla Espiritu Santo, Cousteau and his team conducted extensive research and made several important discoveries about the island's ecosystems. They also produced a documentary film called "The Island of the Sharks" which showcased the island's diverse marine life, including its population of whale sharks.

Cousteau's work on Isla Espiritu Santo helped to raise awareness about the importance of conservation efforts in the Gulf of California, his favorite diving place in the world, and inspired many people to take an interest in marine biology and ocean conservation. Today, the island just south of Isla Espiritu Santo, was renamed Jacque Cousteau Island in his memory. A large statute to Cousteau graces the Malecon, (beach walkway), in La Paz. All the islands in the area are now protected natural areas managed by Semarnat and Conanp, the environmental agency of Mexico and the national park service. The main island in a group of protected islands, is Espiritu Santo. It is a popular destination for ecotourism, thanks in part to Cousteau's efforts to promote their beauty and significance.

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