PROFEPA is the federal agency in Mexico responsible for overseeing and enforcing environmental laws and regulations. PROFEPA surveillance and enforcement boats frequent all the nautical national parks established by CONANP. They hail and board yachts and commercial Tour operator vessels without cause, to examine boat documents, and the paperwork of each crew member on board to make sure they are permitted to work within a controlled park environment. It can be a bit intimidating for the guests of Tour operators when this happens without warning, but it is the normal course of things in Mexico and is not a cause for concern.

PROFEPA's primary goal is to protect and preserve the environment and natural resources of Mexico by monitoring and regulating the activities of individuals, businesses, and organizations that may have an impact on the environment.

PROFEPA has a wide range of responsibilities, including monitoring air and water quality, protecting endangered species, regulating hazardous waste, and enforcing environmental laws and regulations. The agency works closely with other government agencies, NGOs, and industry to promote sustainable development and environmental protection in Mexico.

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