Scuba Diving from La Paz

La Paz is among the world's great dive destinations. More than 25 dive sites surround the islands outside La Paz's bay, such as Espíritu Santo, San José, and Cerralvo, now renamed: Jacques Cousteau Island after the famous French Oceanographer. Cousteau made diving famous worldwide. He invented the Agua Lung, the predecessor to the entire scuba industry. A statute to him and his worldwide influence is located on the Malecon, (the Beachwalk esplanade in La Paz.) What sets La Paz diving apart is the big stuff: 9 species of whale, 22 species of dolphin, including the largest dolphin in the world, the Orca. There are giant mantas, sea lions, and impressive numbers of sharks, including whale sharks and hammerheads, squid, octopus’ and even Moray eels.

La Paz offers a variety of diving opportunities, including reef diving, cave diving, and night diving. The city is home to several dive shops and operators that offer guided dives and equipment rentals.

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